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About ME

David Andrews

Hey friends my name is David Andrews and I am the CEO and founder of this website. I am 41 years old and I have been involved in gaming for 17 years, so I have much experience in gaming field. I have played almost all types of games that include Action, Adventure, Racing, Shooting and Wrestling series. I was born in the United States, California, Las Vegas and I am currently living in this city.

How I Upload Games on this website?

The uploading process of my website is changed as compared to the other website in this gaming industry. Every website owner is trying to upload games that are not working or the links that they are uploading are outdated, but our website only provide games that include working links and a video of installation process is also made in each and every game. If installation process is difficult, then we try to upload a video tutorial otherwise no video tutorial is made in simple installation process games.