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Download Call of Duty 3 Game Free For PC Full Version

Download Call of Duty 3 Game

Call of Duty 3 is a First-Person Shooting video game that was developed by Treyarch Studios and published by Activision Studios. It is the 3rd installment in this series that is available to download free from this website, this website always provides working games, so you can easily get it Today. In this series, we also have uploaded Call of Duty 2 and if you want to download Call of Duty 2 game for PC full version, then click on this link. This product release date is November 7, 2006, and the platforms on which this installment was published were Play Station 2, Play Station 3, XBOX, and XBOX 360. In this product there are two modes, single-player and online playing, you can play online at any time you want.

Call of Duty 3 Game is Working or Not?

Yes, this is the question that you will ask me before downloading this file. Well, the answer is “Yes” because I have checked this file myself and it is 100% working. I have also shown proof that is available in the installation video, so don’t get worried, this file is 100% working and free from viruses, so don’t hesitate before downloading this file from my website.

Best Screenshots of This Game

Call of Duty 3 PC Game Free Download

Call of Duty 3 Free Download For PC

Download Call of Duty 3 Highly Compressed

Download Call of Duty 3 Game Full Version

How To Download This Game?

This is a torrent file, so it is necessary to install torrent software on your Computer before downloading this file. Use Bit Torrent Software because it is the best software to get torrent files.

How To Install This Game?

Installing this file is a little bit difficult, so now you have to understand it carefully otherwise you will not be able to install this file. Read these points carefully, but if you don’t want to read these points, then you can watch the installation video.

  1. Download game files by using Torrent Software
  2. Also, download the Play Station 2 emulator by using IDM or any other software
  3. When downloading is finished, open the folder and launch the setup
  4. Install the setup file completely
  5. After installation of setup, open Play Station 2 Emulator and install it
  6. When the EMULATOR installation is finished, open the Emulator folder and open the “BIOS” folder
  7. Copy all files from the “BIOS” folder and paste them into C:/My Documents/PCSX 2/BIOS
  8. Now open the Emulator and Mount the Image of the CD
  9. When you will Mount the Image on the CD, the game will be launched
  10. Play and enjoy
  11. That’s it

This is a complete installation pattern and I think this is a little bit difficult. If you cannot understand this pattern, then you can watch the installation video that is available on the link page. Watch that video and if you still face any problems, then you can ask inside the comments section, and we will try to help you solve your problem.

Features of This Installment?

In each and every product there are some key features included, this is the only reason players love to play that particular installment, so there are also some good features included in the Call of Duty 3 game for PC.

  • High and Stunning Graphics
  • Awesome Shooting System
  • Gang Shooting Scenes
  • Artillery and Tanks Firing Scenes
  • World War 2 Memories
  • Tanks Battles
  • Artillery Destroying Missions
  • Capturing The Air Bases
  • Awesome Soundtrack

These were some of the best features that were included in this installment and these are the only features that the players love and they tend to play this version on their Computers.

Developers, Publishers, Release Dates, and Genres Introduction

In each and every installment there are some developers, directors, and publishers who make and publish these installments, so I am going to give you a complete idea about the developers, directors, publishers, release dates, and genres.

  • Developers are Treyarch Studios
  • Publishers are Activision Studios
  • Release Date is November 7, 2006
  • Mode is Single Player and Multiplayer
  • The genre is First-Person Shooting

This is a clean and perfect idea about each and everything related to the producers and now I think there is no need to explain any more about this product, now it is time to read the system requirements.

System Requirements

Operating System (OS) = Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

CPU = Intel Core 2 Duo

Processor = 2.8 GHz

Graphics Card = 128 MB

RAM = 1 GB

Total Disk Memory = 4.5 GB





Download Link

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  1. What is the password of file???????

  2. When i open it, it shows runtime error.
    How to fix this?

    • SSB Bro, update the PCSX 2 Emulator.
      Secondly please give me 2 days, I will update the Video with complete emulator settings….

  3. hey, hoping you can help with a problem. I followed all the instructions in your video. when I open the game from PCSX it tries to load a memory card. I went on to configure and create a memory card but when I try to configure it from the game it says it does not exist. any ideas?

  4. sir how can i change the language

  5. Hi bro, i follow step by step to download this game but after download and when the game start i cant click anything on the screen

  6. No torrents are there link is not working

    • Bro every link is working, just you need to understand and open it carefully!
      Watch the installation video that is available on the link page!

  7. Soooo LOng proCess…………………..!

  8. watch your video…on 8 min 53. sec…I DO NOT HAVE A BLUE GAME ICON….

  9. hey can u tell me how to change the language

  10. lokesh leo kenny

    did you update pcsx 2 bro

  11. lokesh leo kenny

    can you plzz check the emulator link its not working showing error

  12. lokesh leo kenny

    is it ok bro

  13. bro. I followed your video . according to it I am able to run the game but I can’t play it , will you please help how can I start playing after running it

  14. Cant get past the screen where you name yourself. I have what I think are good keyboard and mouse mappings but cant save my name or proceed past that horrible screen where you go to Name yourself. Pls help, maybe provide a good working set of mappings

  15. Sir, I can’t seem to click on “Click Here To Download Game” below “Click Here To Download Emulator”…

    Can you please fix?

  16. I have installed the emulator, call of duty 3 and copied files as you explained in the video. But the problem is when I load the game.iso, it says PCSX2.exe has stopped working (PCSX2.exe works perfectly without loading the iso). I am using Windows enterprise 8.1 64 bit, NVIDIA GeForce GT 520, 4GB RAM.


  18. How to change language

  19. my game is not working required msvcp 100dll
    i download the file but it is not working how to fix

  20. hey bro, i installed the game.But the sound is not working

  21. How to change Language of the game

  22. how to change language of call of duty 3


  24. It shows error

  25. Well, I followed all the process as per the video. And everything went all. But at last minute, on the video 10:48 ,the game starts.

    But after changing the game controllers , as i followed the last process too. Meanwhile an error box appears . I could not understand the language since its different language.

    On the video, the game starts immediately after 10:48. Till, this time, everything of mine goes well. But at last time an error box appears and the game doesn’t starts.

    Any relevant ideas??

    • Bro I don’t know how to change the language, but you can play the career mode of it.
      Secondly bro you can set the control buttons of any type you want!

  26. i had done all things correctly but when the game starts it is very very very slow unable to play the game

  27. the game becomes very laggy plz help

  28. what should i do
    my pc windows 7 ultimate

  29. intel hd graphics

  30. HII what is the password???

  31. pleas ask what the file pasword is

  32. I want to download Call of Duty 3. Can you help me??

  33. the setup language is Russian as i guess, an error message appears and i don’t understand its meaning but end with decompressing is failed

  34. What is the password of the file???

  35. Only downloads AIMP. I tried two different Links, same file, AIMP.

  36. i can not play perfectly on PC please upload best copy and low graphics on pc

  37. sir, i finished all procedure what u said in ur video. but there is no blue icon in folder.

    • Bro the blue icon is on Desktop not in Folder and secondly have you installed the Emulator?

      • ya bro… i installed the emulator. and i’m not asking the emulator icon.. i asking the game icon.. i also did download the game which has 2.17 gb. After this i went to PCSX21.2.1 and then SYSTEM and then went to BOOT CDVD (FULL). and i searched in folder where there is no game icon bro.. pls help…

        • Anathan Bro you have to install the game also, then you will see the icon of the game. First install the game, then open Emulator, Boot CD and then open folder where you have installed the game, there you will see the “Game” Icon, click on it!

  38. yaa… i’m very sorry bro.. actually the game icon is in program files.. but i searched in other places.. anyway.. thanks for ur reply bro… i’m so grateful for ur activity.. thank you so much

  39. ohh… i’m so unlucky bro.. the game is working.. but its working very slow…. so i cant able to play bro.. pls give any technical advice….

  40. sry bro.. i didnt receive any request.. can u send ur id to my mail id..?

  41. can you contact on whatsapp

  42. i started the game and follow your commands but when i started career mode then the game fps reached 4 or 5 fps and i cant understanding what i have to do .
    my pc have quad core processor2.8ghz
    4gb ram
    mouse keyboard
    and a graphicr card 4gb
    but it runs to slow

  43. can your help me call of duty 3 not open

  44. HI David,

    i have downloaded the game and emulator, but to unzip the game file it ask for password. kindly share how to figure out.


    • Asif bro there is no password of this file, kindly watch the video and then you will learn how to install this game!

  45. I have a problem after I start the game the controls do not work

    • Brian bro you have to set the control buttons in the emulator section, I have explained it in the video, so kindly check that in the last section of the video!

  46. my utorrent just showing connecting to peers..it not download the game..help me bro

  47. Bro my game is running i think but in Lcd only sound comes there is no display of game. PLEASE HELP ME……
    INTEL CORE 2 DUO E8400 3 GHz
    2 gb ram
    256mb graphics

  48. Krishnanand pandit

    I follow the video but when I want to mount call of duty 3 picture then there is no picture only ios file and when mounted. It’s showing in display and it’s time not completed

  49. how to add mouse for emulator

  50. Sir, tell me how to change the language of the game to English. Sir, please reply fast as soon as possible.

    • Sorry bro the game is included in this Language only, I am trying to upload English game, when I will upload it, I will update you about it…

  51. When I pressed on the download link it said this is a risk and “Are you sure you want to go there”?

  52. i can only hear sound but no video is appearing ….. it shows only black screen … please help

  53. Sir the download link does not work . What can i do now?

  54. Bro my game is running in 3-10 fps and the sound is strange.
    my components:
    I5 9400F
    GTX 1050 TI 4GBVRAM
    16GB Ram

    why this happens?

  55. sithum sankalpa

    hey, bro, it is work.thank you very much

  56. not working

  57. the emulator link does not work

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